Knights vs Aliens/Bears – Who is our Best Audience?



So, last weekend we released Knights vs Aliens ($3) and a free version, Knights vs Bears, both for the iPhone and iPad.  Though they’ve only been on the market for a few days, we thought we’d publish some of the sales data we thought was interesting.

Knights vs Bears has been our most successful free app, having been downloaded over 25 thousand times in 3 days.  We did not put any advertising in, except for our upsell to the full version of Knights vs Aliens.  Of the 25 thousand people who downloaded KvB, roughly 7 thousand people clicked on the link to view KvA.  Of the 7 thousand people who clicked on the link to buy KvA, about 500 people ended up buying it.

On the whole that seems like a pretty poor conversion ratio of  2%.  However, once you start drilling into the data by country, things start to get interesting, and a little more encouraging.

The data below is not complete, as I’ve stripped out the less useful data points and focused on countries with enough data to discuss (albeit only for three days of sales).


As a quick summary, China is the #1 downloaded of Knights vs Bears, followed distantly by the US.  The US downloaded 20% as many copies as China, and no other country beat 10% of the US count.  Taking population sizes into account, this isn’t really unexpected.

Now things get a little more interesting, as we look at the number of copies of Knights vs Aliens that were sold.

Again, it isn’t unexpected that the US dominates most other counties here, but the interesting point is the # of sales made in China.  For its 20 thousand copies of KvB downloaded, only 8 copies of KvA were sold.  Perhaps we hit on a great love of Bears, whereas Aliens are not as culturally relevant?

So lets look at that conversion rate again, but this time break it down by country.

Here, you can see most countries  approach the 10% mark – with the exception of China, which didn’t even reach 1%, and Russia, which may reach it eventually.  Clearly our conversion rate was not as great on the first day – I assume people needed to play the game for a day or so before deciding to buy the full game.

Interestingly, the US grew across all three days in raw sales, and all the conversion rates are going up, so it’ll be interesting to see what this week holds for us.  Obviously it’s too early to draw any real trends yet.

You can try out Knights vs Bears for free, or buy Knights vs Aliens for $3.  Both are universal apps, and are custom written for both the iPad as well as the Retina display on the new iPhones.

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