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iOS Development Optimizations Part 5 – Referencing Entities


For the next couple articles I’m going to get a little bit more technical, and start delving down into the murky depths of our game engine. If you’ve done any development for OS X or iOS, you know that apple’s preferred language is Objective-C. †Their top-level frameworks and APIs all use Objective-C to interface and, […]

iOS Development Optimizations Part 4 – Pathfinding


Tower Defense and Hero Defense are actually quite different in terms of pathfinding. For Hero Defense, we had to statically create a nav-mesh at design time, and all of our entities – player and foe alike – navigated it using A* at both the high level and the local level. Since we had so many […]

iOS Development Optimizations Part 1 – Sprite Engine


In the time between Townrs Defender and Spires, I had the opportunity to rework the sprite engine to optimize performance in many ways. †You may remember that Townrs Defender had a number of, in particular, memory issues – on older devices it would frequently have to disable music to guarantee it would run. †So, memory […]