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iOS Development Optimizations Part 5 – Referencing Entities


For the next couple articles I’m going to get a little bit more technical, and start delving down into the murky depths of our game engine. If you’ve done any development for OS X or iOS, you know that apple’s preferred language is Objective-C. ‚ĆTheir top-level frameworks and APIs all use Objective-C to interface and, […]

iOS Development Optimizations Part 4 – Pathfinding


Tower Defense and Hero Defense are actually quite different in terms of pathfinding. For Hero Defense, we had to statically create a nav-mesh at design time, and all of our entities – player and foe alike – navigated it using A* at both the high level and the local level. Since we had so many […]

iOS Development Optimizations Part 3 – Resource Management


Even having done everything we could to minimize the number of textures we needed to load, there was still room for improvement. Sprite sheets were tightly packed, the entire level was rendered into its own texture set, and we’d even run all of the textures through Apple’s PVR compression to cut the file size down […]